7 Blunders to Avoid When Building a Home of Your Own

You’ve been shopping for a home and none seems quite right. That one has a tiny kitchen, this one makes you go through a second bedroom to get to the hall bathroom, and the other one doesn’t even have a bathroom connected to the master bedroom!

Sheesh. It’s no wonder some people prefer building a home from scratch—or more precisely, having someone else build it for them. Whether you’re itching for a two-story foyer or fantasizing about a sperm whale–size master bathroom (with subway tile!), you’ll get the opportunity to create your dream house.

But building something from nothing can become a terrifyingly messy process if you aren’t prepared. Massive construction projects come with a unique set of concerns. So keep an eye out for

By Kelsey Kloss | Realtor.com

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Ray Ailstock

Ray Ailstock